Does a Cajun Restaurant in Austin, TX Offer Curbside Pickup or Drive-Thru Services?

As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the world, many restaurants in Austin, TX have had to adjust their operations to meet the needs of customers who can't or don't want to dine away from home. One such eatery is a popular Cajun restaurant that offers take-out orders for curbside pickup. Customers can order online on the restaurant's website or through its temporary self-service option. Additionally, the restaurant offers home delivery through DoorDash at its two Austin locations, as well as curbside pick-up service at its Domain Northside restaurant. In order to remain open and, at the same time, help slow the spread of COVID-19, this Cajun restaurant is continuing to offer takeout orders, curbside pickups, and home deliveries.

To find out if this restaurant is still in service, customers can visit its website or social media pages. The novel coronavirus pandemic has caused many restaurants to close their doors temporarily. However, some restaurants are still trying to stay afloat by offering takeout, curbside pickup, and even home delivery. This cheerful and healthy Austin restaurant is one of them. By providing these services, customers can enjoy their favorite dishes while still following social distancing recommendations.

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