The Best Private Dining Rooms in Austin, TX: An Expert's Guide

Are you looking for the perfect place to host a special occasion, corporate meeting, or private dining experience in Austin, TX? Look no further! From farm-to-table restaurants to modern Korean eateries, Austin has plenty of options for private dining. Here are some of the best restaurants with private dining rooms in Austin, TX.The private dining room at Austin at Eberly is located behind the Cedar Tavern bar and can accommodate 16 people seated for dinner, 40 lounge seats, or 75 people standing. This Italian restaurant in the East Austin neighborhood, recently opened and led by chef Erind Halilaj, offers a private dining room for 40 people, with the restaurant's wine cellar covering the entire side wall and access to the large patio shaded by oak trees. Banger's has a couple of event space options, but the fully private basement can seat up to 100 people and is the only place in the restaurant that serves alcoholic beverages.Uchiko's elegant private dining room in Austin is the perfect choice for holiday celebrations, corporate dinners, birthday parties, cocktail receptions, and more.

The modern Korean restaurant Oseyo, located in East Austin, has private and semi-private dining spaces, with seating for up to 50 people. Parkside's private dining and event spaces are perfect for any occasion in the heart of downtown Austin. Located on 2nd Street, Malverde offers panoramic views of downtown Austin and looks directly at the Austin city limits.From private patios to intimate dining tables, Austin venues can host work parties, birthdays, or wedding parties. Jacoby's Restaurant & Mercantile in Austin is also a great option for corporate meetings, personal celebrations, and special events.

Located on the banks of the Colorado River, its private dining room offers a stunning view of the city.If you're looking for an unforgettable experience for any occasion in Austin, TX then you should consider one of these amazing restaurants with private dining rooms. From cozy Italian restaurants to modern Korean eateries with stunning views of downtown Austin – there are plenty of options to choose from!.

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