Is Austin the Most Vegan-Friendly City in the World?

Austin is renowned for its vegan-friendly atmosphere, with more than 75 restaurants and establishments that are entirely plant-based. From artisanal vegan cheese to vegan food trucks, this vibrant city has something for everyone. Rebel Cheese is a vegan delicatessen and wine store located in Mueller that specializes in fresh, artisanal vegan cheese that tastes like the real thing. Their menu includes sandwiches (bacon, brie & me and gental reuben), salads, soups and cheeses, all vegan.

An amazing ramen called Just Like Paitan is prepared with Sazan Ramen, which consists of a creamy vegan broth with kale noodles topped with a ball of Kakiage tempura (onion, arugula and beni-shoga). ATX Food Co is a vegan food truck parked at the Bicycle Sport Shop that uses high-quality, unprocessed ingredients from local farms and food producers to create dishes prepared by the chef. You can find sea moss smoothies, elixirs, green juices, gluten-free tacos, dishes with wild vegetables, main courses, red fruit pancakes and sugar-free desserts. Located in Domain NORTHSIDE, downtown and in Westlake, Flower Child is a healthy place with vegan options.

Citizen Eatery is a sustainable plant-based restaurant and bar that serves homemade vegetarian and vegan cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They change the menu quite a bit and sometimes things are vegan, but sometimes things that used to be vegan aren't, so check with your waiter. Ramen Fukuya In the old vegetarian paradise, it's not suitable for vegans, since they use egg noodles, but if you get stuck there, fried rice can be made vegan. At Spicewood, this combination of cactus nursery, vegan food (B&B), and “modern church” offers special holiday parties and other lunches, which can be reserved in advance.

Ng BMT 8557 Research Blvd At the back of the Hong Kong supermarket is this counter that has a vegan bahn mi with homemade tofu. This sophisticated restaurant located at the back of a mansion, in the lower part of a mansion, sells handmade cocktails at Goodalls Kitchen and Bar 1900 Rio Grande Street. Vegetarian menu that can be veganized by removing the cheese. Black beans are vegan, but charro beans are not.

Hello, I just discovered that Inchin's Bamboo Garden in Round Rock has a separate and extensive vegan menu if you ask for it. JuiceLand is a totally vegan establishment mostly of raw juices that offers raw food and vegan takeaway food as well as salads and hummus. Skinny Limits (several locations many of them on the west side) has mostly vegan options. Yummi Joy 4631 Airport Blvd candy store has vegan candies coffee 12 flavors of Sweet Ritual ice cream fudge and vegan macarons.

Vegan cheese vegan marshmallows vegan eggs vegan snacks etc.: Rabbit Food Vegan Grocery has it all. Dimassis Mediterranean Buffet 701 E Stassney Ln unit B Huge buffet with stuffed vegan cabbage rolls salads lots of flavors of hummus green beans okra and other vegetable dishes plus falafel with 26% vegan baklava.

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